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NetManage® (Wireless Network)
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NetManage®  . . . The System of 100% Availability

Since launching of NetManage and its associated establishment of WiFi spaces late September 2007, it met Netspeed's expectations of significantly high availability. Excluding the internet service interruption which struck Egypt around end of January 2008 and local interruption of electric power source, both systems, WiFi and NetManage proved 100% system availability.

Netspeed's Control Room able to remotely detect internet service interruptions of land sites located at say Sharm ElSheikh and Hurdaga after 5 minutes from occurrence. Floating sites, Nile Cruises of 3G broadband, enjoy same sensor.

NetManage enhances the following features:

- Remote router control and monitor
- Pushes site-customised Login Page for every router
- Controlled ISP over WiFi and wired networks
- Access Policies including long-term
- Financial Reports

NetManage is a house-design software package. It is designed to provide the following distinctive functions:

WiFi Internet Access

NetManage remotely controls internet access by pushing "Login" scenario for users to follow. NetManage provides total internet access management for "Cybers and Net Cafes" Gateways and DHCP servers are no longer required at "Hotspots".

Unique Login Page

NetManage remotely assigns and modifies landing pages to routers. Each "Hotspot" pushes unique captive "Login Page" welcoming users accessing the internet.

Prepaid ISP

NetManage provides remotely controlled "Prepaid" internet access provisioning. NetManage authenticates, authorizes and accounts access policies according to "Login" scenarios users implement to log in.


NetManage provides distinctive collection of reports including users' login times and periods, activities and quality of service "QoS" - in terms of assigned bandwidth during connections.

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