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Interactive & Custom Kiosks
Digital Signage & Advertising
SMART Interactive White Board
NetManage® (Wireless Network)
Digital Signage & Advertising
Events & Booth Kiosks
Digital signage Technology offer flexible & remotely managed advertising area in high traffic spots inside malls, exhibitions, museums, Gov. Buildings & other public buildings. The advertising message is delivered through various peripherals i.e. digital signage kiosks, screens, See- through screen, flexible plastic screen    
A Flexible Display for Exhibition Events Decoration.
  • Using Flexible Display technology to build your booth will allow you to customize the presence of your business at each of its marketing events. The system is so flexible that you only need one of them to attract clients at trade shows, recruit talent at job fairs, raise awareness at industry expos. The ability to adapt to the environment of each of your presentations is what makes our tradeshow displays the most powerful selling tools available, giving you the best opportunity to impress your audience.

  • The visual effects that are built into the FlexiDisplay are so powerful that they will inevitably draw the attention and interest of your audience.
    See through Screens
  • See-through LCD panels used as store windows, display cases, billboards, and more to make static words and images more energetic.
  •  Products can be placed behind a clear screen that shows advertising.
  •  Transparent LCD panels are a tool to make your advertising more dynamic. That could do fancy tricks like rotate and fade in and out rather than just sit there.
  • Think clothing shop windows that feature models sashaying down the catwalk.
  • Think Service outlets with see-through walls displaying scrolling schedules & usable info while face 2 face clerk – customer chat.
    Features & specs

    1- LG / Samsung Korean Brand original screen.
    2, HDMI interface
    3.used for showcase, shop window etc.
    4.high grade of transparency.
    5. 22"/32"/46"/55" Transparent LCD.
    Transparent lcd screen
    Model Name NSst
    Screen Size 22"(LTI220MT02) Al Sizes available
    Display Mode 16:9
    LCD Type TFT-LCD
    Resolution 1680×1050
    Display Color 16.7M
    Pixel Pitch(mm) 0.282(H)×0.282(V)
    Luminance of white(Center of screen) 200cd/m2
    Contrast Ratio 500:1
    Viewing Angle 160(H) /160(V)
    Response Time 8ms
    Interface HDMI
    Power DC 5V 4A 
    Power Consumption <=18W (Max)
    Plug & Play DDC 1/2B
    Certificate Approval CE,RoHS,CCC,FCC,ISO9001
    Warranty 1  year
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