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Netspeed Technologies
NetSpeed focuses on transforming business process to be most reliable, most efficient. We just apply the digital dimension to your business to make it stand out among competitors. We develop and track down the newest innovative solutions and provide it to you. Since 2002 we have been leaders in introducing self-service solutions to different industries Hotels, Museums, Ports, Banks, exhibitions,...etc.
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Products Range
We offer a wide range of internet, info and interactive kiosks in addition to building customized solutions tailormade for your business needs to achieve maximum profit of the kiosks.
Netspeed in a Glance
NetSpeed is founded in 2003 being the pioneer Egyptian Company to introducing hotel-based ISP, scratch internet prepaid cards packaged with Net Connect kiosks, the internet-access outlet for hotel guests.
Services Range
While most traditional hospitality Wi-Fi providers use expensive and complicated servers, data centres and armies of high-cost IT workers, Netspeed takes a different approach. Using cost-efficient, easy to use technology, we extend your building's Internet connection to allow guests to share access.
Netspeed Kiosks: Fast, Powerfull & Profitable!
Durable, Slick & Stylish Design
High-sensitivity, high light-transmittance, anti-glare, vandal-proof SAW touchscreen. Durable steel enclosure, sleek, extra slim, stylish and ADA compliant design. Built-in hi-fi amplified speakers. Customizable (Add 08mm, A4 Printer, Bar Code Reader, Wi-Fi Etc.,)
Profitable with More Ad space (Revenue)
Now your advertisement has a high level of visibility, the products and services that they are selling can become very well known. The repetitive exposure of your product can be an effective and inexpensive marketing tool.
Multiple Locations with Lower (Overhead) Expenses
Netspeed kiosks can provide a relatively inexpensive way to expand. Because additional retail mall space, additional employees and inventory expenses can be very costly.
Fast Client Inter-Active Service.
Wherever you Go, Government Office, Banks, Hospitals, and Hotels & Resorts. People Needs Fast Inter-Active Service..!
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